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Welcome if you are an existing business and in need of funding. You have came to the right place for fast and easy funding with in days of approval. We would like to take the stress away from getting your small business funded. Although resturant funding is one of our main goals. If you don't see your business on the list below please leave us an inquiry about the type of business you have. Here is the list of business that can be funded at this time:

  1. Barber/Beauty/Spa/ Shops          10. Dentist                                         19.   Luggage Stores
  2. Bicycle Shops                             11.  Drug Store                                   20.  Pet Stores
  3. Books Stores                               12.  Dry Cleaners                               21.  Photo Studios
  4. Bowling Alleys                           13.  Florist                                          22.  Quick Copy Stores
  5. Camera Stores                             14.  Gift Store                                    23.   Radio/TV Stores
  6. Car Washes                                 15.  Grocery Store Only                     24.   Shoe Stores
  7. Cigar Stores                                16.  Hobby/Toy Stores                       25.  Sporting Good Stores
  8. Day Cares                                   17.  Orthodonist                                 26.  Veterinarians
  9. Doctors                                       18. Jewerly Stores                              27.  Video Rental Stores

Benefits of this funding:

  •  No collateral Required on amount up to $725,000
  • All Loans come with a Renewable Line of Credit
  • Low Rates and Fixed Terms up to 24 months
  • Fast Approval and Funding in Days
  • Early Payoff Options are available
  • The Interest Paid is Tax Deductible

Please click the link to get started: http://www.arffinancial.com/compare-us/loan-calculator/?source=lowesfinancial

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