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Posted by Percy A Lowe on March 7, 2013 at 1:00 AM

As we all know, having good credit is extremely important now days if you want to achieve important goals such as buying a home, paying for college or even buying a car. It is important to closely watch and monitor your credit score to make sure it is progressing as needed. Credit monitoring could possibly be one the best things that you can do to protect and nurture your credit score. Keep in mind that monitoring your credit can help you protect yourself against identity theft, plus it also monitors your credit score for you so that you can see mistakes from the credit bureau's.

Most credit report monitoring services are very affordable, they really are a small price to pay compared to the possible trouble that you will need to endure once an error makes its way to your credit report. These credit report monitoring services also come with zero-liability fraud protection, meaning that in the event of errors, your financial institution will be the one to settle the score.

What else do credit monitoring services offer you? For one, you can get access to credit reports and scores every month. This is especially needed when you are undergoing credit restoration or you are trying to secure a mortgage. Your credit score is not shown in your free annual credit report. Knowing your credit score is essential it will give you an idea whether your loan will be granted or not. It will also give you an idea on what kind of interest rate you will get. You will also know if you are a high risk or low risk customer. Remember that free annual credit report will not give you your credit score. But it is always mention to go to their website. If you are looking for a monitoring service please visit: www.coveringyouwithwealth.com for a service that provides monitoring and score.

You will also get alert notifications in your email regarding any changes in your credit reports. This is especially important if you are in the process of credit restoration, since this will tell you the accounts that have been corrected or removed by your creditors. Anyone in the business as a credit service organization should mention this to you. Because this is your way of monitoring the company or individual who says they can help improve your credit report.

As for identity theft, this is also a problem that credit monitoring services addresses. You will also be notified through email about any changes made to your profile. Doing so will help you catch identity theft before it is too late. Some credit report monitoring services even have identity theft prevention tools. Monitoring your credit can definitely have a lot of advantages


Credit report monitoring has become an important aspect in the lives of many people today. It is regarded as an essential service to have to help ensure protection from identity thieves. These days, perpetrators of identity theft are seldom caught by the authorities. With technology giving them the ability to conduct their illegal business, they can continue conducting their unlawful acts and victimize more people each year. But this same technology can also be used to thwart these criminals. To protect oneself, he has to properly monitor his accounts through services designed to detect suspicious activities. By doing this, he can protect himself from the grave consequences of identity theft.

Getting adequate protection from ID theft is the best defense to stay safe. Through a service that provides monitoring, consumers can take advantage of effective procedures implemented to keep identities away from the hands of thieves. As of recently, a lot of people have already benefited from these services. These specific programs have been instrumental in monitoring the personal credit files of each customer. More importantly, the emergence of these services has protected people from attempts that were made to steal their identities. Some others have been given assistance after they have fallen victims to identity thieves while enrolled in the program. These show the benefits of having such services.


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9:51 AM on June 22, 2017 
From my personal experience so far regarding my credit profile,I earlier didn't know how about it was and when I knew I had foreclosures, cleared my student loan, collections,inquires, late payments and even over dues, I felt really bad because then it was late and the result of my bad credit affected my credit score which was about 379 and to get my loan approved I needed 700 and above, I sort for help from big credit repair companies, but they couldn't help me get my score where I wanted to be in the short period I need to get a loan to keep a roof over my child's head, till a lender introduced me to a repair man who has access to this credit companies who got my credit clean and also educated me about how to maintain my credit and maintain a really good score, HACKHEMP at GMAIL dot COM) is where ill refer anyone that needs a deadline fix on there credit .you can thank me later.