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Hello everyone

So, often our bad credit is sold for pennies on a dollar. Just so that Collection Companies can make money off our bad credit. Thanks to our Government they allow these rude and hard nose people to attack us. They tend to find away to find all our information. That is because they have the necessary computer software to track us down. That is like hacking into our lives. Just as well as harassing our family, friends, and jobs. They will do this by any means necessary to get the money. They attack senior citizens the most because they lack the proper information to stop them. They attack other because of the lack of knowledge. Now, let make the facts just facts is this legal what they do. Yes, it is legal but under rule and regulations from the FDIC. Now, do they follow all the rules they don't because they bank on two things? First, you don't know the law against them. Secondly, you want do anything to find out how to fight back.

Now, knowing there is a law against them you must find someone in the industry that knows the laws and how to apply them. The one thing you can do is know how to talk to a collection company when they call you and you can stop the calls. To any were they have contact with you and if they call you can put a law suit on them. The most important thing is getting the proper information to fight them back. The one thing you should know is that no collection company can collect from you if they not license in the state they are trying to collect the money in. But, you have to know how to ask them to prove their Legally License in your state. That is by having a "Creditors Validation Letter" this letter is the key to stopping everything from a Collection Company from collecting any funds.

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